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House cleaning is something we all have to do. Weather you live in a house, apartment, loft or town home, unfortunately somebody has to keep up with it. Dishes don't get washed by themselves, laundry does not get done without any effort, the trash does not empty itself. Basik housekeeping like cleaning bathrooms, tusb, tiles, sinks mirrors etc. have to be done by somebody. Many people are so busy these days that it is vey difficult to keep up with all of this. Who wants to spend their weekend cleaning house? Not me!

Enter the house cleaning company or maid service! Housekeepers in the past were one of the luxuries only afforded by the rich and famous. They had full time housekeepers taking care of all of the routine and mundane things .. why not, they can afford it. About 20 years ago a few "house cleaning companies" began to spring up.

Over the years "regular" people have discovered that these house cleaning services are not just for the rich and famous. Many have experienced the convienience a regular cleaning service taking care of all the mundane house cleaning things that they don't want to do.
Weather you live in a tiny studio apartment, or a one bedroom loft, or a luxury 3 bedroom town home or a large mansion, a reputable house cleaning company, or maid service as it is called by some can hel you get control of your life. Most people hire the house cleaners to come about every other week to take care of the things they don't really want to do or get around to. That includes things like cleaning the bathrooms .. especially insid toilets, tubs, etc, cleaning the kitchen, as well as floors, dusting vacuuming, etc. Others prefer having weekly service. Most house cleaning companies offer a flexible scheduling, so you can start out with say a weekly service and then later change to every other week or monthly. Keep in mind if you leave it too long between services it will take the cleaning company longe to get your home cleaned in which case it will cost you more .. so you will not really save any money delaying cleaning .. If you use your home a lot and live in it then you are usually better off having it cleaned at least every other week. Monthly is usually too long .. but in the end the decision is yours!

How do you find a reputable house cleaning company?

Don't be tempted to hire an individual house cleaner rather than a company. You have no way of knowing anything about the individual and their background, even if the come recommended by a friend. Unless you plan to do a state-to-state criminal background check beware! Remember you are allowing a total stranger in your home. Even if you only have them work a short time for you they can gleen valuable information while in your home which may come back to bite you many months after they are gone. The identity theft issue has become a major problem. These "independents" may take more than dust and dirt from your home .. they may leave with critical identity information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, etc. that they plan to use later when you finally fire them and it will not be obvious who it is that stole the identity information.

In contrast most companies will not even consider puting a single individual in your home. Instead they work their employees in teams of two or more to keep them accountable. The partners watch out for each other. Rest assured that any individual caught by their partner going through your personal paperwork will be prompty reported to the company by the partner and that individual will be let go by the company in a flash! Of course reputable companies rarely find themselves in those kind of jams because the do thorough background checks of all prospective employees and ensure that employees know that the company takes any criminal activity seriously.