PURCHASE YOUR Mountain Maids House Cleaning GIFT CERTIFICATE ONLINE HERE or call us
on 303-703-9392
to order by phone using your check account or credit card. 
  We are thrilled that you have decided to purchase a Mountain Maids  gift certificate. Here are the steps you neeed to follow to recieve your gift certificate:
1. First decide the $ AMOUNT of the certificate you wish to purchase. Below is a guideline on our certificates.   
    Our Certificate rates are as follows:  
$168 for up to 4 work hrs
$208 for up to 5 work hrs
$248 for up to 6 work hrs
$288 for up to 7 work hrs 
$338 for up to 8 work hrs 
$378 for up to 9 work hrs
$418 for up to 10 work hrs 
$448 for up to 11 work hrs 
$488 for up to 12 work hrs
..for additional time over and above 12 work hours please add $88 for each additional 1 hour  x 2 people. You can also call our office at 303-703-9392 for help. Thanks.
(Please note all services are provided under our standard terms of service that can be found here: Terms of Service )

2. Then decide if you would like a PAPER certificate or an E-mailable certificate.
3. Now decide WHO you want the certificate made out to..
Note: to avoid fraud E-Mailable certificates are not transferable and at time of service your recipient will have to prove their identity
4.Follow the link below to pay for your certificate via Credit Card using PAYPAL:
 In the "Item " section of Paypal please include the following:
       Paper or E-Mailable Gift Certificate and Recipient's Name and your name   
       and then pay the amount for the certificate by following the PAYPAL instructions.
(Be sure to indicate that this is a GIFT CERTIFICATE PAYMENT)


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