Posted: Feb 15, 2006


Yes, it's true, we are really hung up on cleaning! We would love to give you the opportunity to hire us to do it for you so that you can spend your free time relaxing, but in case you prefer to do it all yourself here are some ideas.

Today we deal with the subject of safe and natural cleaning products.

Of course the most "natural" cleaning product is just plain and simple
WATER ... yes, good old H2O ... but for many that is just not good enough. If you are looking for a cleaning product that is bio-degradable or natural there are a lot of products that fit the description .. you will have to decide for yourself if the product fits the bill. Here are some of our suggestions:

Vinegar is a good product to add to a bucket of water to add a bit of "cutting power". Many wood floor manufacturers recommend a bucket of warm water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar as the recommended product for cleaning wood floors. Just damp mop the foors with the solution and DRY immediately. The mop shold not be very wet. Do not ever really wet wood floors or you will damage them.

A great commercial product  that we believe is enviromentally safe is
Simple Green. You can buy this at most home improvement stores, warehouse stores like SAMS, etc. This product is a  liquid cleanser, degreaser and deodorizer,  works well on most surfaces. Read the label!. The base of the product is citrus peel. It contains no ammonia or Clorox so it is far safer to our environment than most cleaning products. Because it is biodegradable, it won't hurt your plants when you dump your wastewater on them. Use a very small amount.

A good glass cleaner can be made by combining equal parts of
water and alcohol .. the kind you would use for cleaning cuts and scrapes. you can usually find this in the pharmacy section of your local store. This product contains no dye and so will not damage your carpet if you spill it by mistake.

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