General House Cleaning Routines: 

The following is what would typically done in a regular weekly or every other week cleaning.
(Your cleaning will be tailored to your requirements and will be limited by the time available for your specific needs.)

General House Cleaning typically can include the following:

Bathrooms:- Clean, dust  and sanitise the following:  Mirrors, tile, spot clean walls. Floors, tub & shower. Toilet bowl and outside and around toilet. Sink, cabinets. Waste baskets. Baseboards. Window sills. Any other customer requests previously agreed to. 

Kitchen:- Clean, dust and sanitise the following:  Sink and all counters. Stove tops, drip pans, microwave inside and out. Clean  floors, spot clean walls where required. Wipe appliances, fridge, front of cabinets, hood, etc. Trash containers. Window sills. Any other customer requests previously agreed to.

Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room, Bedrooms, Office, etc.: 

Dusting of all surfaces, pictures, etc. Vacuum (or mop) floors. Wipe TV screens, computer screens, counters, shelves, mirrors etc. Window sills. Sliding door window. Any other customer requests previously agreed to. 

The following are done on a Periodic/Rotating basis based on time available: 

Baseboards ( but try to get noticeable baseboards such as in bathrooms each time) Top's of  door/window frames.  Ceiling Fans.   

Other items by special request:

Inside of Oven or Fridge, Windows, Wall washing (other than spot cleaning), Lemon oiling of wood furniture or doors, baseboards, cabinets, etc. Any other special requests.

Note:  Since our quotes are based on the amount of  time we believe will be required in your home, our employees will do the very best they can in the time they have available. Special requests will require additional time.    

Priority List and Customized services:

In order to make our service more affordable to our customers we try to customise our service to suit your needs.   We have a number of unique service options that will allow you to have your house cleaned on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

Please call our office to discuss your needs. Thanks!  If you need further explanation of this service please call us.. we would be happy to take the time to explain our service to you.

Our number is 719-634-1139 or 303-7039392  Thank You!
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